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Muslim Business Accelerator

Muslim Business Accelerator is the leading business mentorship program crafted exclusively for Muslim founders & CEOs.

MBA empowers you to ethically build, grow, and scale your online business, alongside a community who share the same aspirations for holistic success.





years running

I’m so grateful that I joined Ummahpreneur. Take it from someone who has spent multiple thousands on my coaching biz, there’s nothing like this when it comes to simple BS-free strategy that works. Abby genuinely wants you to succeed and goes over and above when it comes to delivery!

Riz Shabbir

Founder of Rizilience Mindset Coaching

Over the last 9 months, thanks to Abby from Ummahpreneur, I’ve been able to scale to 40+ clients in my business, take home over £60,000, and continuously secure clients. The support, the skills, the community, the system he provides has been by far one of the best in the industry…

Abdul Shakur

Founder of Private Equity Academy

Astronaut Ummahfuel


The Only Marketing Tool You’ll Ever Need.

Ummahfuel is an all-in-one marketing solution to help you supercharge your business, market your products, automate sales and generate more revenue.

Astronaut Ummahfuel
Ummahpreneur Podcast

Ummahpreneur Live Podcast


Every Tuesday, we interview Muslim Entrepreneurs at the top of their game to break down business, lifestyle, mindset and entrepreneurship from an Islamic perspective!

Our guests come from all backgrounds to shed light on their experiences through entrepreneurship that will help give value, inspiration and insight to the audience.

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Ummahpreneur is brought to you by an amazing team of talented professionals. Each member of our team has years of experience across a range of business-critical superpowers that we need to achieve our mission.

Hannan Sharah Shariff

Hannan Sharah Sharif

Client Success Coach

Abby El-Asmar

Abby El-Asmar

Head Chef of The Ummahpreneur Kitchen

Yusuf Saad

Yusuf Saad

Chief Content Wizard

Saif Alam

Saif Alam

Social Media Superhero

Zohaib Hassan

Zohaib Hassan

Podcast Management All-star

Zohaib Hassan

Raza Nisar

Sales Team Lead

Saif Alam

Muhammad Paracha

Sales Representative

Zohaib Hassan

Aman Abdurrauf

Sales Representative

Munir Sheikh

Munir Sheikh

Customer Success

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