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Who is Abby El-Asmar?

Meet The Founder

Abby El-Asmar is the man who started it all. He is a serial entrepreneur with extensive experience in the digital entrepreneurship and marketing space – including serving as a marketing consultant to local & online businesses.

In 2015, he founded an online media company that he later sold for a massive profit in 2018.

That same year, he founded “PracticeFuel.io” a digital marketing agency aimed at the health and wellness industry, which he still operates presently.

In 2019, seeking to give back to the Muslim community, he founded “Ummahpreneur”, where he mentors fellow entrepreneurs to help them succeed in their business ventures and become leaders in their respective fields. 

Why Do We Focus On Helping

Muslim Entrepreneurs

Many times we’ve had to face the question “why are you focusing on helping Muslims?”

And the question makes sense…

For someone from the outside looking in, focusing on helping ONLY Muslims is a “bad” business decision. We could have a much wider audience if we chose to simply help all entrepreneurs, right? So why limit ourselves?

We want to share with you this hadith from the Prophet SAWS:

“Islam began as something strange, and it will return to being strange, so blessed are the strangers.”

A stranger is signified as a person who is unfamiliar. And for many Muslims, they feel like they are strangers within their larger communities and countries.

Like they are the “other”.

But through entrepreneurship and business, we can make ourselves a seat at the table.

We can empower ourselves to contribute to our communities and society at a higher level. We can impact the lives of hundreds and thousands of people positively, demonstrating what true Islam really is and changing the narrative.

And in doing so, we can make ourselves a seat at the table and let people know that “we are here, we have a place, and the world is better because of it!”

Abby El-Asmar
Team Photo

Why We Exist

Our Mission

Ummahpreneur was created to revive and nurture Muslim entrepreneurship.

It is a brand focused on supporting Muslim founders, business owners and change-makers, providing them with the tools, resources & knowledge necessary to succeed in business and become the leaders in their respective fields.

Through our mentorship programs and content, we provide multiple
channels of support to ensure that every Muslim entrepreneur can benefit from being connected to our brand and supporting it.

Our Awesome Team

Meet The Ummahpreneur Family

Ummahpreneur is brought to you by an amazing team of talented professionals. Each member of our team has years of experience across a range of business-critical superpowers that we need to live out our mission.

Youssef Saad

Youssef Saad

Social Media Manager

Youssef is our social media superhero who constantly comes up with new ideas and new ways to serve Muslim Entrepreneurs at a higher level! He loves to learn new skills, and challenge himself to grow. In his spare time, he enjoys reading up on Islamic Philosophy and Theology!

Syed Babar Shah

Syed Babar Shah

Community Manager

Syed Babar Shah is the man that helps make our Ummahpreneur Live Podcast the most engaging and interactive podcast in the Muslim Community! When he’s not busy interacting with our live audience, he is engaging with our community and making sure every voice is heard.

Many Countries, One Family

Where We Work

We proudly embrace the diversities, and dynamics of remote working because we believe that different cultures, identities and perspectives bring new ideas!

Where we work Ummahpreneur

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