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Your Mind Is Your Most Powerful Asset

Your Mind Is Your Most Powerful Asset

by | Nov 26, 2020

Stand Guard At The Door Of Your Mind

Your mind is your most powerful asset.

It’s not your money.

It’s not your car.

It’s not your home.

All of these things can come and go, and change with the seasons.

They can’t be relied upon, they are temporary.

Your mind however, will remain with you until your last breath.

Allah SWT has blessed us with a mind capable of a vast imagination.

A mind capable of critical thought.

A mind capable of analyzing information, and then making decisions based on that information.

Your mind is your most powerful asset.

It is the vehicle that drives your life.

Through it, all great ideas are born.

Some great minds were so powerful, they shifted the course of history as we know it.

And it all began with a single thought.

An idea.

The mind can take an idea, and put together a decisive plan to transform that idea into reality.

However the mind will only work in your favor when it is paired with faith.

Faith allows you to take the power of your mind and apply it towards good works.

Your mind is a garden, and faith is the water that must nourish the soil of your mind so it can bear fruit.

Negative thoughts destroy faith.

Negative beliefs destroy faith.

A negative outlook on life destroys faith.

It robs you of truly experiencing Allah SWT’s grace that he bestows upon you everyday.

So you must stand guard at the door of your mind.

You must pay attention to every thought that tries to enter…

If it is a NEGATIVE thought, tell it to turn back, it is not welcome here.

A thought of insecurity, of scarcity, of lack or limitation is not allowed into your mind.

If it is a GOOD thought, then we welcome it like an old friend.

A thought of gratitude, of faith in Allah’s grace and mercy, of belief in God, in yourself and in your vision is always welcome.

Practice this daily, and you will absolutely transform your life.

Stand guard at the door of your mind, and treat every thought like a guest knocking on the door.

Negative thoughts will stink. They will carry with them anxiety, fear, and uncertainty.

Positive thoughts will glow. They will carry with them peace, tranquility, and faith.

Only allow positive thoughts to enter the home of your mind.

Because it’s the only home that truly belongs to you.

Everything thing else will come and go with time.



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