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Why Running Is Good For Business

Why Running Will Help You Achieve More In Business

by | Jun 3, 2020

With Ramadan coming to an end, it was time for me to regain momentum and start exercising again.

I have to admit however, Eid week I was completely burnt out.

I’m not sure if it was my body readjusting to eating again or something else, but I just didn’t have any energy.

Simple activities would get me tired and out of breath, so I knew this was a major warning sign and time for change⚠️

Now I normally prefer weight-training 🏋️, but home workouts just weren’t cutting it for me (sorry home workout fans).

So I decided why not try running?

I went for my first run on Monday.

I ran only 1.22km but being someone who doesn’t usually do cardio I definitely felt it 😵

Day 2 – 1.54km.

My legs definitely hurt but I feel energized and awake during the day!

Day 3 – 3.35km

Almost double yesterday – I’m starting to love it!

Why does it feel so satisfying?

I believe for 2 reasons…

1️⃣ Being able to track my progress every single day and beat my own personal records is an INSANE confidence booster.

I am programming my brain to believe that I am capable of reaching higher milestones everyday and this belief will translate into everything I do.

Every goal you set has to start with the belief that you ARE capable of achieving it!

2️⃣ Running is like business on steroids. Achieving something in business requires consistent action so you can incrementally get closer to your goal every single day.

But with running, those incremental improvements are tracked and visible to you immediately, giving you the reassurance you need to “trust the process” and put in the work.

This newfound belief will translate into your business, giving you the understanding and appreciation of progressing slowly but consistently towards your goals.

It also triggers your dopamine and feels great!



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