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Who Is In Control – Your Soldier Or Your General?

by | Sep 10, 2020

One of the most satisfying parts about being entrepreneurs is that we are our own boss.

We answer to no one, and govern our selves and our own lives.

But is that truly a benefit, or a curse?

You see, all of us have both a SOLDIER and a GENERAL within us.

We are both the person who dictates the order, and the one who executes the order.

When you make a decision to work on a specific task or goal, that’s your GENERAL within you. The general is calling the shots.

The struggle however, is that, you are the soldier as well.

It’s not enough to make a decision or set your intention, you must then EXECUTE.

And if your soldier is not properly trained, he won’t respond to your commands.

He will fight back the general. He will betray your command and rebel.

Your GENERAL knows the soldier must do his 50 push-ups today even though they are painful, because he needs to be in top shape to perform at his best.

Your SOLDIER doesn’t want to do 50 push-ups, and will do everything he can to get out of it, including asking the general “how about we start tomorrow instead?”

Only one will win this battle, and it’s the one you give control to.

Your SOLDIER wants to avoid the work. It wants to take the day off. It wants to have fun and go hang out with the other troops.

When not properly trained, the soldier will make self-destructive decisions that will cause you to lose the war.
Your GENERAL knows what needs to get done.

It knows what it takes to win the war, but it can only succeed if the soldier cooperates.

If you’ve trained your general to ignore all of the soldier’s petty demands and focus on what needs to be done, you will win.

If you’ve instead let your soldier run loose like a headless chicken and allowed him to undermine the general at every turn, you will lose.

When you make a decision to wake up at 6am in the morning, your general has made that order.

However when it comes time to wake up, the soldier is the one in control.

Will it follow the general’s commands and wake up – or will it hit the snooze button and betray the general who’s made the command?

You decide.



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