Ummahpreneur Live Podcast Episode 106

VC Investor REVEALS How To Get Halal Funding For Your Startup w/ Ali Ahmed

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About the ummahpreneur live podcast

Join Ummahpreneur’s Founder Abby El-Asmar as he interviews Muslim Entrepreneurs at the top of their game to break down business, lifestyle, mindset and entrepreneurship from an Islamic perspective!

Guests come from all backgrounds to shed light on a specific topic or business model that will help give value, inspiration and insight to the audience.

About the episode

Our guest today is Brother Ali Ahmed who is an Investor Relations at WahedX

WahedX, a subsidiary of Wahed Inc, is a private investment platform for early-stage and growth companies. It connects retail, accredited and sophisticated investors directly to vetted equity offerings in emerging digital businesses, providing each a direct line to growth.

They optimize how capital is mobilized for companies by consolidating the fundraising process on a secure, cost-efficient and user-friendly platform.

In this interview, I sit down with Ali Ahmed to discuss:
– Introduction
– What is WahedX?
– Ali’s Role within WahedX
– Facilitating Investors to Invest in Ethical Startups
– Things Investors Are Looking for in a Business
– Stages of Business Growth & Investment Opportunities
– Critical Factors for Startups Raising Venture Capital
– What outcome does WahedX looks for?
– How to determine Fair Evaluation of a Business
– Does Investment mean Decrease in ownership, influence, or control?
– WahedX’s Preferences while Investing in Startups.
– The Importance of Mentorship from an Investor
– The need for a Good Profit Model before seeking Investment
– How Much Equity Should a Business Give Away?
– What are Safe Agreements?
– Which industries does WahedX Invest In these days?
– The reasons behind the downturn of crypto market
– Low Evaluation for Startups & Higher Potential for Return
– How it works in WahedX from an Investor’s side
– How Investments are handled at WahedX?
– The Structuring of Investment Opportunities at WahedX
– What attribute does WahedX looks for on-boarding investors?
– Things that Entrepreneurs should know Before Seeking Investment
– How to connect with Ali & Wahedx?

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