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A Path To Spiritual, Psychological, & Personal Growth w/ Dr. Marwa Assar | Ummahpreneur Live Podcast #23

Dr. Marwa Assar is Psycho-Spiritual Teacher and founder of the HOME institute, where she focuses on providing spiritual, mental, & emotional transformation rooted in Islamic teachings and approached through an Islamic Psychological Lens!

She believes that Islam speaks to our psycho-spiritual system, and recognizes the emphasis that Islamic Psychology placed on the heart and its impact on our entire being.

In this one-of-a-kind interview, we will talk about topics such as:
-What does psycho-spiritual wellness mean? -Why Dr. Marwa felt compelled to bring together Islam and Psychology
-How do we approach Islam from a spiritual, psychological, and personal level?
-Why is the heart the most important organ of the human body?
-Can we find everything we need about psychology and emotional wellness in Islam?
-What can we do to help maintain spiritual and emotional wellness daily as Muslims?

…and so much more!

Join us for an engaging discussion surrounding Islam, Psychology & Purification Of The Heart that is sure to leave you inspired and refreshed!

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