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How To Lead As A Muslim Entrepreneur w/ Mohamed Hammoud | Ummahpreneur Live Podcast #22

Mohamed Hammoud is an Entrepreneur, Executive Leadership Coach, Keynote Speaker, and Host of the UNFLTRD podcast. He speaks regularly on the topic of Muslim identity and was featured on TEDx to speak on “Reclaiming the Islamic Identity”.

With over 25 years of diverse work experience, Mohamed serves as a Leadership and Diversity Consultant. He was also nominated a Liberal Party of Canada Leadership Candidate and ran in the 2019 Federal Election.

His accomplishments are too many to list, and I am SO excited to bring him on so we can talk about:
-Why and how he was featured on TEDx and chose to speak about the concept of “Claiming His Name” as Mohamed
-Does your Muslim identity have an impact on your potential for business success?
-As Muslim Entrepreneurs, what are the steps we need to take to become better leaders for our team and communities? What makes a good leader?
-What motivated him to run in the Canadian Federal Election, and do we need Muslim representation in government?
-What are the steps every Muslim can take today to help build bridges of trust and understanding between ourselves and other communities?

…and so much more!

Join us for an engaging discussion surrounding leadership as a Muslim entrepreneur that is sure to inspire you and provide you with actionable value!

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