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How Dignitii Is Transforming Modest Sportswear w/ Khaoula Abtouche | Ummahpreneur Live #26

Ummahpreneur Live Podcast Episode #26 – How Dignitii Is Transforming Modest Sportswear w/ Khaoula Abtouche, CEO & Founder of Dignitii

Khaoula Abtouche is the founder of Dignitii, an activewear brand based in Canada that designs and produces innovative modest sportswear.

They use fabrics with the latest technology to produce beautiful activewear that optimizes performance and caters to women who choose to dress modestly and provide them with an alternative to the general fitness wear industry.

At Dignitii, they believe women have the right to feel strong, confident, and beautiful without compromising on their values.

In this interview with Khaoula Abtouche, CEO of Dignitii, we dicuss:
0:00 The story that led Khaoula Abtouche To Create Dignitii
7:00 How Khaoula Designed The Dignitii Product Line
7:43 When did Khaoula decide to quit her job and work on Dignitii full-time
10:09 How long did it take to create the product before launch
12:20 How did Khaoula gather pre-orders for her products before launch
13:36 What’s the biggest challenge Khaoula had to overcome as an entrepreneur
16:14 Encouraging Muslim women to live an active lifestyle
19:03 What is Khaoula’s vision for Dignitii’s future
21:31 What is the biggest lesson you’ve learned as an entrepreneur
25:20 3 Qualities every entrepreneur successful entrepreneur should develop
32:09 Advise for anyone looking to create their own product line
36:30 What’s one thing you would say to your younger self?
38:44 Q&A with our Live Audience!

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