Ummahpreneur Live Podcast Episode 89

The Art Of Public Speaking & Spiritual Resilience w/ Hosai Mojaddidi

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About the ummahpreneur live podcast

Join Ummahpreneur’s Founder Abby El-Asmar as he interviews Muslim Entrepreneurs at the top of their game to break down business, lifestyle, mindset and entrepreneurship from an Islamic perspective! Guests come from all backgrounds to shed light on a specific topic or business model that will help give value, inspiration and insight to the audience.

About the episode

My guest today is Ustadah Hosai Mojaddidi.

Ustadah Hosai Mohaddidi is a second generation Afghan-American Muslim woman who is working as a teacher, spiritual counselor, mentor, and mental health advocate for over 20 years

Ustadah Hosai Mohaddidi is also a freelance writer and editor. She lectures on various Islamic/spiritual topics and relevant issues, as a way of honoring the parents and teachers who have worked tirelessly to spread and preserve Islam

In this interview, I sit down with Hosai Mojaddidi to discuss:

– Introduction
– The inspiration behind becoming a Public Speaker
– The Turning Point in her life
– What is her primary focus and the impact she wants to achieve
– Managing passion efficiently
– How to find the PURPOSE
– Overabundance of external stimuli hindering the process of Self Discovery
– The surface-level value of Social Media
– The importance of House-Hold in bringing about a Change in Children
– Mental Illness linkages and their trends
– What advice would she give to a Young Muslim?
– How to connect with Sister Hosai Mojaddidi

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