Ummahpreneur Live Podcast Episode 78

Nouman Ali Khan Shares The UNTOLD STORY Of How He Built Bayyinah

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Join Ummahpreneur’s Founder Abby El-Asmar as he interviews Muslim Entrepreneurs at the top of their game to break down business, lifestyle, mindset and entrepreneurship from an Islamic perspective! Guests come from all backgrounds to shed light on a specific topic or business model that will help give value, inspiration and insight to the audience.

About the episode

In today’s episode of the Ummahpreneur Podcast, we have a very special guest, Ustadh Nouman Ali Khan.

In 2005, Nouman Ali Khan launched Bayyinah using a laptop and an Internet connection.

Today, Bayyinah is among the leading Islamic institutions worldwide with a mission to make the study of the Quran and the Arabic language accessible to everyone.

In this highly-anticipated LIVE interview, we sit down with Ustadh Nouman to reveal for the first time ever the untold story behind how he built Bayyinah institute from his laptop to where it is today, and the challenges and lessons learned along the way!


– Nouman Ali Khan’s Teenage Years
– Did Growing Up In New York City Shape Who You Are Today?
– The False Idea Of Freedom
– Changing Identity In College
– The Dream That Changed Everything
– What Inspired NAK To Build Bayyinah Institute?
Starting Small One Step At A Time
– The Origin of The “Pay If You Can” Policy
– How Are Islamic Scholars Supposed To Sustain Themselves?
– How Did Nouman’s Family React When He Decided To Be A Teacher
– Why Stability Is Essential To Entrepreneurship
– When Did You See Bayyinah Growing Into A Leading Institution?
– Nouman Ali Khan Wants To Build A Vision
– What Inspires Nouman To Keep Going In Times Of Challenge
– One Piece Of Advice For Young Muslims  
– Livestream Audience QnA
– Bayyinah’s Upcoming Ramadan Series

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