Ummahpreneur Live Podcast Episode 72

Making Healthy Eating and Fitness The Easy Choice w/ Nazima Qureshi

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About the ummahpreneur live podcast

Join Ummahpreneur’s Founder Abby El-Asmar as he interviews Muslim Entrepreneurs at the top of their game to break down business, lifestyle, mindset and entrepreneurship from an Islamic perspective!

Guests come from all backgrounds to shed light on a specific topic or business model that will help give value, inspiration and insight to the audience.

About the episode

My guest today is Sister Nazima Qureshi Co-founder of The Healthy Muslim with her husband Belal Hafeez. Belal Hafeez is a Personal Trainer and Fitness Expert.

Nazima Qureshi is a Registered Dietitian and Nutritionist with a Masters of Public Health. Her business provides life-changing online programs to clients worldwide

In this interview, we sit down together to discuss:

 0:00 – Introduction
1:48 – What inspired her to become an Entrepreneur
3:27 –  What pushed her to build her own business
6:23 – What did she specifically wanted to achieve from her business
7:25 – How many years ago did she start her business?
8:14 – What was the most challenging obstacle that she faced
11:38 – What is the mission of her business that people resonate with
13:37 – What is the most important skill to have if you’re a Nutritionist
15:08 – What has been the most common reason why clients come to her
19:45 – What can the people expect from the Healthy Muslim
21:19 – How was the experience of launching a Book
23:50 – Can Healthy diets replace working out
25:26 – Does she focus on a specific domain while dealing with students
27:03 – Why do the Arabs and Asian families have diabetes
29:10 – Are there any warning signs that one should look out in regards to their health
33:15 – Does she think the information on the Nutrition is not always legit
38:46 –  An advice for people who are becoming a coach
43:21 – What advice would she give to her younger self
48:48 – How to connect with Nazima Qureshi

connect with the guest

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