Ummahpreneur Live Podcast Episode 35

How To Develop Leadership Skills And Success Habits w/ Anne Jenett

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About the ummahpreneur live podcast

Join Ummahpreneur’s Founder Abby El-Asmar as he interviews Muslim Entrepreneurs at the top of their game to break down business, lifestyle, mindset and entrepreneurship from an Islamic perspective!

Guests come from all backgrounds to shed light on a specific topic or business model that will help give value, inspiration and insight to the audience.

About the episode

Anne Jenett is the founder of ELEOS leadership coaching – where she delivers Holistic Success & Leadership Coach for Everyday Leaders & (Extra)Ordinary Souls.


In this episode we sat down together to discuss:

-The journey that inspired Anne Jenett to become an entrepreneur

-Why she chose to focus on leadership and success coaching

-What is leadership and where does it start or end?

-What makes a good leader?

-How can we develop leadership skills as individuals?

-What are some success habits that we should be implementing for a more purposeful life?

-How can we be better leaders in our families and communities?


Join us for a powerful discussion that blends together Islamic spirituality with holistic leadership concepts for an insightful 1 hour session that will surely leave you inspired and empowered!

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Clubhouse @MuslimWomen
Facebook: Anne Jenett

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