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Creating A Muslim Lifestyle Marketplace w/ Marta Maryam Rosza | Ummahpreneur Live Podcast #24

Marta Maryam Rosza has been a CEO of international organizations and startups for the last 17 years.

During that time, she has filled many roles including Operations, Business strategy, Branding, Financial Management, Marketing, Hiring and so much more!

Her latest project is Noor & Zafir, a modern Muslim lifestyle marketplace, which curates a number of Muslim Lifestyle brands and products on a single platform.

In this interview, we dicuss:
-Her story through 17 years of entrepreneurship
-The first business she ever built
-The story and purpose behind Noor & Zafir
-The most important quality a successful entrepreneur should have
-What to look for when making hiring decision in your company
…and so much more!

Join us for an entrepreneurship masterclass that is sure to leave you with golden nuggets to implement in your business!

Support Noor & Zafir:

0:00 Introduction
3:11 – What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
6:18 – When did you know that you should be an entrepreneur?
9:55 – What is the inspiration behind Noor & Zafir?
14:12 – How did your journey start with Islam?
16:52 – The connection between faith & entrepreneurship
18:31 – What drove your decision to create Noor & Zafir?
19:45 – Do you feel the need to promote entrepreneurship in the Muslim Ummah?
25:38 – Is there any common quality in the Muslim entrepreneurs that you encountered?
27:40 – What is the most important quality that an Entrepreneur must have?
30:42 – What do you look for when you want to hire someone?
36:25 – Would you prioritize the values/passion or skill when hiring?
39:54 – What do you look for when accepting new brands on your platform?
41:08 – Are you accepting new providers into your platform right now?
43:30 – What is the vision of Nour & Zafir?
45:06 – When is your new magazine launching?
48:14 – What would you tell your past self?
50:28 – Is Work/Life balance achievable for entrepreneurs?
53:00 – Live Audience QnA



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