The 5 BEST Halal Business Models To Start in 2022

We always get this common question from our followers…

What are some of the most profitable business ideas we can start with?

So to help you all with that…

In this blog, we will share the 5 best halal business ideas for you to start in 2022. 

Each business model has the potential to be profitable and impactful if executed in the right way. The best part is that these business models are completely halal, and they will allow you to build an impactful business to empower yourself financially and have that freedom that you’re looking for insha’Allah.

Online businesses are growing exponentially every day, so take the right action and start earning halal income from these business models,

Let’s dive in!

1. Subscription-Based Business Model

The first business model to generate halal money online is the subscription-based business model. Before we dive in, let’s know what it is and how it works.

What is a subscription-based business model?

This is a very straightforward business model where you charge your customers a membership fee for the services you provide every month. 

All you have to do is create a community that revolves around a specific topic. So, suppose you’re super passionate about fishing, graphic design, or cooking, then you can create a paid community around these niches and generate halal income every month.

Top three platforms to start with

  1. Patreon
  2. Mighty Network
  3. Buy Me A Coffee

All three of these platforms allow you to create a community or a membership where people pay you to access your content and become a part of this community that you’re building.

First, you need to start by sharing content for free to build an audience. You can start with market research and see where your ideal customer is most, like are they on YouTube or Instagram or Facebook, or Tiktok. 

Once you have done the research, start creating, designing, and sharing free content on your targeted platforms. Share content on topics you’re passionate about.

When you start to see the growth in your platform, you can introduce the subscription plan to your community. Like for providing exclusive content or behind the screen, you can charge $5/mo to $100/mo on platforms like Patreon. So if you have 100 members and they pay $10 a month, you will eventually be making $1000/mo.

2. Consulting Business Model

The second best business model to start in 2022 is offering consulting services. For those who don’t know, consulting is a billion-dollar industry.

You can start by offering services within your area of expertise.

Suppose you’re a professional or have a specific set of skills that people at corporate businesses could benefit from, then you can start with consulting business model.

In our Muslim Business Academy program, we have students from different backgrounds, such as IT or accounting, or Real estate backgrounds. So to help them, we take their skillset and help them develop online businesses where they can make $2000/mo or $5000/mo through our halal business strategies.

If you’re from an IT background and have the required set of skills, you can offer IT consulting services for small businesses or entrepreneurs and help them grow their business in return of $5K to $10K/mo.

People are really willing to pay big money for consulting, and this is a growing billion-dollar industry. The best part is that people are essentially doing this online. If you’re from Canada or UK, you can easily help your clients from any part of the world. Location doesn’t matter! Thanks to platforms like zoom and all these online communication platforms.

3. Agency Business Model

The third best business model to start in 2022 is the agency business model.

This model is based on a client paying an agency a fee for its services. 

Starting an agency is a very profitable business model because it’s not anything new, and it’s been promoted for years now. You might have probably seen many ads about starting an agency, and that’s because it still works even in 2022, and it’s still a growing market.

This is a good chance for you to start.

Every day, more businesses are opening up that need help with digital marketing, graphic design, video editing, or promoting their services online. 

So you can start an agency depending on the skill you have or the skill you would like to learn because there’s nothing wrong with learning a skill and then building a business.

Specialize In One Thing

The key to your success is to specialize in one thing.

So think about, if I want to start an agency, what is that one thing that I could specialize in? 

If you’re a really great designer and have a good eye for design, maybe start a graphic design agency. If you’re someone who’s really passionate about social media, start a social media management agency. If you’re someone who really loves websites and web development, start a web dev agency.

Remember, the options are limitless. You have to just start!

4. Education Business Model

The fourth best business model to start in 2022 is Education Business Model.

This business model is really growing into a massive industry every single day. People are literary making hundreds of thousands of dollars in income. It’s a very highly profitable business model, and really it’s not a question of why but rather a question of how you can take advantage of this type of business. 

3 keys ingredient for the success of your course:

  1. Something that you could teach others.
  2. Help them solve a certain problem.
  3. Help them achieve a certain goal.

Offering and selling online courses is a trillion-dollar industry right now. Every day, people are paying thousands of dollars on courses to try to solve a problem, achieve a specific goal, or learn a new skill.

So if you can think of a course idea that you could potentially build, you can go and start selling a course or online program for thousands of dollars online.

As the world has already shifted towards online education, this is the best time for you to start your own educational agency.

5. Online Coaching Business Model

The fifth and final business model, one that is extremely viable this year and is growing rapidly this year as an industry, is the online coaching business model.

5 Key Ingredients Of Building A High Ticket Coaching Business

  1. Build a strong foundation for your business.
  2. Validate your Market. 
  3. Create an Invincible Offer.
  4.  Effective Content Marketing.
  5. Build Network

Online coaching is growing rapidly right now, and there are people spending thousands of dollars on online coaching services. This is really for people who don’t necessarily have a specific skill, but they have a talent at helping people within a certain domain.

So if you’re really good at helping people with their mindset, relationships, or health and fitness, then this is a really great business model to start your online coaching business.

To Warp Up

In this blog, we discussed the 5 best halal business models that you can use to generate halal income from the comfort of your home.

  1. Subscription-Based Business Model
  2. Consulting Business Model
  3. Agency Business Model
  4. Education Business Model
  5. Online Coaching Business Model

We are happy to announce that we have recorded videos on each business model for you to explain in more detail. 

Click on the above links to access these valuable videos and choose a business model for yourself to start earning halal income online from the comfort of your home.

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Written by Abby El-Asmar

Abby is a business & marketing consultant – and the founder of Ummahpreneur. His passion is to nurture a new generation of Muslim entrepreneurs that will impact the world in a positive way while uplifting the Ummah!

April 1, 2022

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