How Mastering Tawakkul Impacts Your Business Success

In this blog, we will share your number one job as a Muslim entrepreneur. What do you need to focus on in your business and master to achieve the success you want while also having fun, being happy throughout your journey, and making the most of every single day and moment.

One thing we’ve noticed in our journey is that underneath the tactics, skills, and strategies you have in business, the most important thing that will determine your success and ability to enjoy the journey is your reliance upon Allah. It will be your ability to master what we call tawakkul in Islam.

Do you feel the same?

We say this because, as entrepreneurs, generally, if you are someone who got into the business, and you’re someone who is very goal-driven & success-driven. You’re looking at other entrepreneurs and wondering if this person made it to six figures in three months, then how come it’s taking me six months? I’m not even close. What’s happening in my business?

We’re not saying you have to address the root cause. If you lack specific skills or strategies, you have to go out and compensate for that lack and learn what you need to know. Acquire the knowledge you need to acquire to reach that next level, but underneath it all, there has to be a confident, calm, collectedness to your composure and inner voice.

“Because we’ve noticed through this journey of entrepreneurship that your internal mindset will affect every single action you take and your output in your business.”

If you are approaching your business from a place of fear, anxiety, and stress, this will reflect in your work. Your clients will recognize that, and people who get on calls with you to pay for your program or service will realize that, and they’re not going to invest. 

The reason is that within you, you feel like you’re not worthy. You feel like you’re not good enough, and all of that negative self-talk stems from one core issue: we haven’t mastered our reliance upon Allah because when we rely upon him a hundred percent for where we are in life, we accept our journey. Then we start to detach ourselves from the outcome and focus on just putting in the best effort we can put towards our business.

That is ultimately what you need to do.

You shouldn’t force yourself to achieve; instead, enjoy the process and flow into whatever journey is destined for you and do the work in a fun way. 

Suppose you enjoy working on a project in a business you love and are passionate about. You don’t worry and even stress about what you’re making. How much you’re making right now?

Because when you focus too much on worrying about the opposite aspect of the business, then you’re constantly approaching it from a place of lack, from a place of scarcity, and you do not recognize your blessings. You’re not being grateful for what you have, and ultimately gratitude.

Remember, tawakkul is the key to happiness.

It’s the key to a positive mindset and outlook in life and business.

We must step back within our business and take the time to renew our intention of tawakkul on Allah and tell ourselves ya Allah, I accept this path that you’ve carved out for me. I know that this path is different from other people’s. I know that even though this person might have taken one year to build a million-dollar, I don’t worry if it might take me five or even ten but oh Allah. I believe in whatever journey you’ve created for me. I have faith that it will come to happen. Whatever path you’ve destined for me, whatever obstacles you’ve destined in my way to teach me lessons, I will happily go through it and will enjoy the whole process.

We must be optimistic and have good hope from Allah.

Instead of constantly holding yourself accountable to certain milestones, specific goals, or certain income levels you haven’t reached, you should master that tawakkul, let go of things with a positive mindset, and rely only on Allah.

And if you can get to that point, where you rely only on all for all your needs, and you’re grateful for the bad and good things in your life. If you remind yourself of this every day in your business, then for sure, not only will you be successful because you’ll be happy, but you will truly enjoy the process.

Ultimately entrepreneurship should be an enjoyable, fun thing. It shouldn’t be something that you dread, something that you feel is weighing you down, and for us, for a big part of my journey, we felt like this was the case because we couldn’t balance our inner drive to achieve constantly hit milestones with this acceptance and letting go.

It’s only when we’ve started to put this into practice, tawakkul only in Allah, only then did we start to feel a lot better in my day-to-day life and flow in abundance rather than scarcity.

Written by Abby El-Asmar

Abby is a business & marketing consultant – and the founder of Ummahpreneur. His passion is to nurture a new generation of Muslim entrepreneurs that will impact the world in a positive way while uplifting the Ummah!

September 3, 2022

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