How To Become A Muslim Coach Or Consultant | An Easy 5-Step Guide

In this article, we want to help you start your own Muslim coaching or consultancy business by following 5 simple steps!

Step #1: Create An Offer 

An offer is a service that you provide to your clients to help them solve a problem or achieve a certain goal. When it comes to creating an offer, you want to rely on your past experiences.

A few questions you want to ask yourself are:

  • What are the challenges that you’ve overcome?
  • What experience did you gain from overcoming these challenges?
  • How can you use this experience to benefit other people going through the same challenges?

When coming up with an idea for your offer, you want to think of topics you are interested in, or are passionate about. If you don’t have the skills necessary, then strive to learn more about the subject until you are knowledgeable enough to provide people with value.

Step #2: Pick A Target Audience

Your target audience is the clients that you will be working with. You want to be very specific with picking a target audience because as the old saying goes: “If you’re trying to help everyone, then you’re going to help no one.”For example, at Ummahpreneur, our target audience is Muslim entrepreneurs.

Here is why it’s important to have a target audience:

  • It’s easier to charge higher prices when you specialize within a certain niche.
  • You can communicate more effectively when you narrow down who you are talking to.
  • You can understand your clients better and become a professional at serving them

Step #3: Connect With Potential Clients

Once you have your offer and have picked your target audience, you need to start connecting with potential clients.

So how can you do this? There are paid methods available such as:

  • Facebook Ads
  • Instagram Ads
  • Google Ads 
  • Youtube Ads 

All of these options are great for attracting clients to your business. However, it might be difficult to implement when starting off from scratch because they require a significant amount of capital.

Fortunately, there’s a free resource available to you right now that you can leverage to land clients for completely free. That resource is social media…

Everyone is on social media these days, and your potential clients are surely there as well.

Your goal would be to know what pages or groups your target audience would be following. For example, if you are a nutrition expert, then you can find your target audience in nutrition groups on Facebook, and then you can connect with them and put your offer in front of them.

This is a great way to start off if you don’t have the money to spend on ads.

Step #4: Sell Your Services

Now that you’re connecting with potential clients, how do you sell them your coaching or consulting services?

The best way to do that is by getting them on the phone. You don’t want to waste your time creating funnels, webinars, or websites before landing your first few clients.

The easiest and most straightforward way is to speak to your potential clients on the phone and understand what their problems and challenges are and then provide them with your solution.

This also gives you the opportunity to address any objections and answer them live.

Step #5: Create Happy Clients.

Now you’ve sold your services, and have a few clients, the next step is to keep your clients happy.

So how can you do that? Firstly, you want to make sure that you’re really communicating with your clients on a consistent basis. Understand their needs, what it is that they expect from working with you, and deliver the best possible quality of work that you can.

Secondly, leverage online resources to maintain communication with your clients. This allows you to communicate with your clients regardless of their geographical location.

When your clients are satisfied with your services, you will start getting testimonials and build social proof to grow your business.

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Written by Abby El-Asmar

Abby is a business & marketing consultant – and the founder of Ummahpreneur. His passion is to nurture a new generation of Muslim entrepreneurs that will impact the world in a positive way while uplifting the Ummah!

July 6, 2021

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  1. Rea Park

    Great blog! Clear and concise 5-step guide for aspiring Muslim coaches and consultants. The steps outlined are practical and can definitely help individuals on their journey in this field. Keep sharing insightful content like this!


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