What Is The Best Way To Earn Halal Income From Home?

A common question we get from our audience is, what is the best way to earn halal income from home? In this blog, we will share with you a step-by-step guide on how you can generate halal income from the comfort of your home (or bed, if that’s what you prefer).

We first need to begin by evaluation your options. If you’re someone who already works in a career such as IT, web development, tech support, or essentially a job that is mostly done on the computer, many businesses now offer the option of remote work. This means you can apply for jobs that offer the option to work from home without having to present yourself in the office necessarily.

However, if your current skills or career does not allow for remote work (such as working in a restaurant or consultancy or service industry), then finding employment that allows you to earn an income from home can be difficult.

So what is the solution?

For you, the most straightforward solution is to consider starting a halal online business!

The benefit of starting a halal online business is that it allows you to generate a halal income online from the comfort of your home, not only from home but really from anywhere in the world.

Ever since I started my first halal online business, I was able to quit my job and become a full-time entrepreneur. This has allowed me to travel the world and visit countries that I’ve always wanted to see without having to wait vacation allowance from my employer. I didn’t really need to put a pause on my work or have to sacrifice the income that I was making. I was able to generate my income online for my business, whether I was in Canada or traveling abroad to countries like Japan.

The way that I did this was by creating and growing a profitable halal online business that was fully online and remote!

Here are two important questions we should begin with before we consider start a halal online business

  1. What is the business model that I should follow?
  2. What’s the best and simplest way to implement this model to increase my chances of success?

To answer question #1, we first wanted to make sure that the business model checked a few boxes.

  • The business model has to be inexpensive to start (does not require large amounts of upfront capital)
  • The business model has to have high profit margins (so we can earn halal income)
  • The business model has to be beginner-friendly (so that anyone can benefit from starting)

The business model that checks all of those boxes, and allowed me to quit my job while earning over six figures in halal income is the service-based business model. We will break down exactly how this business model works and you can leverage it to start your own halal online business.

Service-Based Business Model

A service-based business is one where you build a business using your pre-existing skills, interests or experience. Some people choose to offer coaching programs relating to mindset, relationships, business, health, and fitness as a service. Some people offer consulting services like business consulting, marketing consulting, sales consulting, etc. Some people also choose to offer services according to their skills and passions such as graphic design, video editing or social media management.

The first step in building a service-based business is to get clear on what your offer/service is going to be.

Step #1: Creating Your Offer

To create your offer, we recommend taking a few minutes every day to make a list of all of your current skills, passions, and areas of expertise to determine what are a few possible services that you could offer online. What you want to think about, is how you could leverage your knowledge, interests and experience to help others solve a problem or achieve a specific goal.

If you can help others solve a problem, they’ll gladly pay for your services. For example, when your fridge is broken, you have no problem paying a fridge repairman to come to your home and repair your fridge so your food can be stored safely again! He has solved a problem for you and made your life easier by doing this. In the same way, by providing your service, you can solve a problem for your client that they would be happy paying for!

Step #2: Focus on a target audience

The second step is to determine who is going to be your target audience within your business? Every business needs a specific target audience. A very known quote within the business world is the following:

If you try to sell to everyone, you will end up selling to no one

This means that if you aren’t clear about who your customers are, you aren’t going to be very successful in generating any sales or landing any clients for your services. The best way to pick your target audience is to think about who would benefit the most from the service that you provide. Usually your target audience will be the people that need your offer the most.

Step #3: Market your services

The final question to answer, is “how will you land clients that will pay you so you can start making money online from home”?

To achieve this task, we recommend leveraging the power of social media.

Social media is a powerful tool that will allow you to reach your target audience for completely free. The key is to start by focusing on creating and sharing beneficial content that talks about the service you provide or the problem you solve, and connecting with your potential clients on these platforms.

If you are considering starting your own halal business…

We recommend you first focus on those things you are good at, interested in, and something which you can learn and master gradually. Through your expertise and creativity, you can solve your client’s problems and get paid handsomely in exchange.

By doing this, you can eventually grow to rely solely on the income from your halal online business. With that, you can travel the world, make money from home and not have to worry about anything else!

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Written by Abby El-Asmar

Abby is a business & marketing consultant – and the founder of Ummahpreneur. His passion is to nurture a new generation of Muslim entrepreneurs that will impact the world in a positive way while uplifting the Ummah!

December 13, 2021

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