How To Turn Your Expertise Into A Profitable Consulting Business

Welcome to our Halal Business Strategy series.

Do you want to learn precisely how you can take your expertise and turn it into a profitable online consulting business? Look no further.

In this blog, we will share the step-by-step blueprint on what you need to know about turning your expertise into a profitable consulting business.

Before diving in, let’s first talk about the online consulting business industry. It’s a rapidly growing industry where people essentially purchase services online by working with other agencies and service providers. Most transactions today for B2B or B2C are being done online, and it’s no different when it comes to online consulting.

As the world is shifting most towards remote work and many complines are hiring online agencies, this is a great opportunity for any Muslim who has some experience with any specific career to turn their expertise into a lucrative online consulting business.

Now let’s explore the four steps to turn your expertise into a profitable consulting business.

Step 1: Take What You Know & Help Businesses Solve A Problem

The first step that you need to consider is how you can take what you know and help other people or businesses solve a specific problem and essentially package it in a way where you’re presenting a solution to a very specific problem.

Suppose you are from an IT sector and have high enthusiasm to help and provide value to IT companies through your year of experience, and you decide to start your own online business. 

Many people make the mistake of creating an online store or an eCommerce business or things that are entirely unrelated to their profession and experience. Instead, you should ask yourself: “All this knowledge that I have, is there anything specific where I can leverage, or I can use that to solve a specific problem that many businesses are experiencing, or a lot of people are experiencing.”

Remember, you have an amazing opportunity here if you have experience within a specific industry to take what you know and turn it into a highly hyper profitable online business. These are the best online businesses, and people are making 2k to 10k a month from this business model.

One thing that you want to ask yourself if you’re not sure where to start is why people from your network come to you for advice, and when they come to you asking for something specific about what you know, is there a general pattern within those questions?

Probably if a lot of people are coming to you for help with this, it means that you can potentially offer a solution and create a lucrative consulting business out of this by turning your solution into a package and generating halal income online.

Step 2: Focus On One Specific Clientele

The second step that you need to take when it comes to turning your expertise into a profitable and highlighted consulting business is to focus on one specific clientele.

A big mistake many people make is they think: “I am going to be an online consulting professional and offer consulting and marketing as a service to any business that could benefit from my service.”

It’s a fair point that they thought about helping businesses through their marketing skills, but the main challenge is going to be to decide who your actual ideal client is? 

Few questions will arise when you choose your clients as ‘Anyone‘:

  • Who should you be reaching out to?
  • What does an ideal client look like?
  • How should you identify your clients?
  • What should you say to your clients to sell your offer?

You could potentially work with anyone and everyone, but if you focus on working within a specific niche, then that will allow you to really identify your ideal clients and then go after them and position your marketing in a way where that resonates with them.

For example, instead of talking about just generating more sales in your client’s business now by knowing that your clients are from the IT sector or Educational sector, you could then actually say, “My services and specialty is to actually help you get more patients within your practice using my marketing services and expertise and help you bring more sales for your business.”

This way, you can get your ideal clients and then generate a lucrative income online for the services you give.

Step 3: Create A High-Ticket Consulting Package

The third step is contrary to popular belief. You want to create a high-ticket consulting package.

 What we mean by this is you want to create a package where you’re charging upfront or one-time fee for your service, and that fee is very specific. It’s not based on hourly pay or the amount of work you do. 

Rather, it’s based on the value you provide to your customer and the result from your service.

Many consultants, when they’re beginning or starting off, make the mistake of charging hourly. Charing hourly wouldn’t differentiate you from any other online consultant, and you might get another job and trade your time for money. 

That’s exactly what we don’t want you to do to have a successful online consulting business. 

Sure, the beginning will be difficult for you when you choose to work for a one-time fee. But trust us, once things are established, once you build out systems within your business, once you have a routine of how you work with your clients, then you don’t have to put hours to get results for your clients. Now you’re starting to tap into the beauty of a consulting business with these amazing profit margins, and you don’t have to put in so many hours of work to generate a lucrative income.

Step 4: Leverage Your Network And Social Media To Get Clients

The fourth and final step that we want to share with you guys when it comes to creating a profitable online consulting business is you want to leverage your network and social media to get clients.

You want to start with your network. Many people make a mistake when they’re starting a business of being too shy to go and leverage the people they know or the contacts they might have. They might feel embarrassed that they’re starting a new business and don’t want to put themselves in a position where they could potentially fail.

Instead, this is actually counterintuitive because your best way to get those initial clients is from your contacts, the people who already know you. After all, they will be fully transparent with you about your services and offer and give you the feedback that will allow you to refine your offer and create something impactful that provides value to your clients.

So when you leverage your initial contacts, your top priority is actually not to make money. That’s a big mistake that a lot of entrepreneurs make. Instead, the top priority is to get feedback to refine your offer and build out something that provides massive value to your clients where even if they pay $2000/mo, $5000/mo, or $10,000/mo, they’re getting that much in value in return within their business. They can see that, and they appreciate the work that you do. 

The only way you’re going to do that is by getting that feedback initially, and the best way to test out your offer is to leverage your immediate contacts in your network.  So, get those first few clients, get initial feedback, understand what works and what does not, and what you need to tweak to ensure that this is a successful service, and then you can go and start leveraging social media.

Make content strategies to attract your ideal clients on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, and eventually wherever you feel like makes the most sense for you. Do this organically, and once you start hitting $5k/mo, begin to invest on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube ads.

Your priority is to get that feedback initially, make sure that you test it out with your direct network with people you know, iterate and perfect your offer, and then you can go and start mass marketing it on a global scale inshallah.

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Written by Abby El-Asmar

Abby is a business & marketing consultant – and the founder of Ummahpreneur. His passion is to nurture a new generation of Muslim entrepreneurs that will impact the world in a positive way while uplifting the Ummah!

April 29, 2022

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