5 Digital Product Ideas To Make Halal Money in 2022

Do you want to know what are some of the best digital product ideas that you can leverage to generate a halal income online?

In this article, we will share some ideas where you can create digital products online from the comfort of your house. This means you don’t have to go and source products from a supplier or sell anything physical rather, you will be using the internet to sell a digital product that people can download and access online. It’s all done online from your computer.

So let’s dive in to explore five digital product ideas to make halal money.

1. Online Courses

The first digital product idea To Make Halal Money is online courses. 

Many business entrepreneurs are leveraging online courses right now to generate an income online.

You don’t need to be an entrepreneur or even build a business to do this. There are platforms like Udemy, Coursera, and Skillshare, which host courses on their platforms. You can simply create your course and post it on these platforms, and people can purchase these courses that will allow them to learn a new skill or master their expertise.

Use Your Expertise

Suppose you have knowledge in certain areas. You can make a simple course like teaching valuable skills, how to do something, or how to achieve a specific goal, then package them as courses and sell them on different platforms. 

What equipment do you need to start?

All you need is a simple camera or webcam to record the videos. 

You can even create a PowerPoint presentation and go through step by step process, like:

  1. What are the lessons that you want to share
  2. What are the core areas you want to teach, and
  3. What do you want them to learn from this course? 

Then you can break that down into a course and record the whole thing on your computer. There are tons of free software available to record your screen.

If you have your own social media account, then the job to promote becomes easier for you! Before you create the course, you can do polls and ask your audience what skills they desperately want to learn and create a course around that! This way, you will be able to sell it online.

Many people are making 4 to 5 figures a month by just selling digital products because people are purchasing online training to learn new skills and improve themselves in certain areas of their lives.

2. Digital Products

The second digital product idea to make halal money is digital products such as ebooks, pdfs, or worksheets.

You can start earning halal income by just creating a simple guide as an ebook, a pdf that walks people through something specific that they want to learn and achieve, or it could even be some tutorial to accomplish a certain task.

What types of digital products can you create?

  1. ebooks
  2. Journal with Habit trackers
  3. Weekly, monthly and Yearly planners
  4. Graphics and Templates
  5. Worksheets

Where can you create them?

Many people sell 100s of digital products online using the free website canva.com

Here, you can find beautiful pre-made templates for ebooks, planners, worksheets, amazing sets of elements, images, and more. All you have to do is make small changes using your brand colors, and you’re good to use them.

What Price to keep?

Once you have done creating them, you can easily sell them in the range of $10 to $50 according to the value you provide. 

Remember, your audience will only buy if the ebook serves a purpose to solve their problems. So while making it write down the core problems your customer might have and how you can solve that through this digital product. Please don’t create it just for the sake that you like publishing things.

Niche products that serve a specific clientele for a certain hobby work well. People into golf spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on resources, ebooks, pdfs. Read this amazing book Take Your Shot by Robin Waite if you really want to know how it works.

3. The Masterclass

The third digital product idea to make halal money is the masterclass.

At its core, a masterclass is a class in a specific discipline taught to serious students by someone who has achieved mastery within the discipline.

A masterclass is one single video class that you sell. So instead of creating a whole course with lessons, tutorials, and powerpoints presentations, you create one video or webinar that you can teach within hours that people would be willing to learn, or they’re looking for the solution in this area. You can sell these masterclasses for $20 to $100, but the sweet spot is $47.49.

How to decide which masterclass is best for you?

Start by looking at your hobbies and your passions. Find something that you’re super into, and you’ve studied it very well. Then start with your potential customers’ market research. 

Remember, your clients will be happy to pay you if you are able to help them solve major problems through your masterclass.

Two ingredients for a successful masterclass:

  1. It must be easy to digest.
  2. Solve the problems of your clients and help them grow.

Here is the perfect example of a masterclass. If you want to learn how to create a masterclass and start a 6-figure halal income, watch this!

4. Graphic Templates

The fourth digital product idea to make halal money is graphic templates. It’s actually a million-dollar market. People are constantly buying templates, purchasing graphic and stock photos for their businesses, 

We have signed up to like three different services within our business with an entrepreneur. We pay monthly memberships to access templates and graphics that we use within our YouTube Channel, social media, and different platforms.

5 tips for selling your first graphics template

  1. Assess your skills
  2.  Assess your clients
  3.  Assess your tools
  4.  Assess your style
  5.  Assess your products

So if you’re someone who’s really into design and a very creative person, you can create templates on platforms like canva.com, which is free to use.

You can sell your graphic templates on a website like Etsy and CreativeMarket, and through this, you can generate $1000 per month inshallah.

5. Build A Paid Community

The fifth and final digital product idea to make halal money is to build a Paid Community.

What is a paid community?

You might have heard of platforms like Patreon and Mighty Networks. These are essentially platforms where you can have people subscribe to be part of a community and get free resources like graphic templates, step-by-step tutorials, worksheets, video templates, and even courses you provide.

You can be paid $5 to $10 per member for the subscription. So suppose you have 100 members in your community, and you charge $8 per month, then you will be able to make $800 a month. Isn’t that amazing?

So the bigger the community, the higher the income will be.

The key to building a successful paid community

The key is you first have to have a small audience. You can begin on social media and start by offering value for free to your audience.

Once you manage to build a quality audience, that actually benefits from the value you provide, you can start marketing to shift them on platforms like Patreon and Mighty Networks.

In exchange for their monthly subscription, you can provide them exclusive information, some exclusive tutorials, tips, and tricks that will help them become the best version of their life.

That is how a paid community works, so platforms like Patreon, Mighty networks, and our platforms allow you to create a subscription within your business. People can essentially subscribe to be part of this community.

To Sum Up…

So these are the five best digital product ideas to make a halal income online even while you sleep.

  1. Online Courses
  2. Digital Products
  3. The Masterclass
  4. Graphic Templates
  5. Build A Paid Community

The beautiful thing about digital products is that you only need to film that master class once, build that ebook once or build that graphic template once, and can generate sales constantly even while you sleep!

We hope this has been helpful for you, and this may give you a few ideas and resources that you can benefit from.

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Written by Abby El-Asmar

Abby is a business & marketing consultant – and the founder of Ummahpreneur. His passion is to nurture a new generation of Muslim entrepreneurs that will impact the world in a positive way while uplifting the Ummah!

March 19, 2022

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